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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Websites provide a great medium for publishing content and creating a virtual storefront for any business.

As search engines continue to replace traditional print directories such as the Yellow Pages as the way consumers seek out information, simply having a website with relevant information about your business is an excellent first step to an effective online presence.

But it is only the first step, because websites can’t do it all!

Email pro-actively sends information to prospects.

While websites alone rely on visitors to return, an email newsletter allows a website owner to “push” valuable marketing to prospects, allowing them to build a much longer lasting business relationship than the one that ends with a single visit with no return.

Email can provide content over a period of time in consumable pieces.

Trust takes time, and email newsletters and advertisements provide that dimension to online marketing campaigns. Once a visitor requests email from a website, that initial interest can be built upon and turned into a profitable relationship.

Content can then be strategically placed in front of subscribers in the form of well planned campaign, with information broken up into smaller pieces, allowing website owners to prospect more effectively to more prospects.

Email provides a more personal medium than the web.

People are well-acquainted with email as a way to communicate one-on-one with friends and associates, and in every email, there is a distinct sender and recipient, unlike the web pages containing one-way URL addresses.

By sending email newsletters and advertisements to leads sourced from their sites, website owners can convert anonymous visitors into engaged subscribers who they can more personally engage with.

We have partnered with Constant Contact, the industry leader in email marketing to provide you with a reliable sender that works to continue it’s relationship with internet service providers to insure that your emails make it into your customers mail box and are not rejected as SPAM.