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The computer keyboard has been an extension of my fingers since childhood…
My online history began soon after Bill Gates ‘invented it’. Self taught, my first website was created out of a desire to share a hobby of mine soon it evolved to wanting to help others present their businesses on the web and finally being my career. Ecommerce, blogs, email marketing, web development and design, search engine optimization, hosting, domain names… you name it and I can help you with it!


Featured Services

WordPress – More Than Just A Blog

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. WordPress makes content managed websites affordable and easy for the average person. We use WordPress as the framework for many of our web projects.

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Constant Contact – Email Marketing That Gets Through To Your Customers

Sending an effective email is a powerful way to stay in regular touch with your customers or members. By staying on their “radar,” they’ll be sure to think of you first the next time they need a product or service you offer! Looking for a quick and effective way to let your customers know about new products and services, special discounts, or last-minute sales? Send them a promotional email.

Using Constant Contact to send that email means you can be confident that your emails get delivered. Constant Contact monitors and stay up to date on the latest legislation and regulations — so that we can make sure your email campaigns comply and they build and nurture relationships with major Internet Service Providers, so if an issue does arise, our experts can work with you and them to get the problem resolved quickly.

We design custom email templates for your business that match your branding and work with you on marketing and promotion to help you succeed.

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