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Domain Name Registration and Renewal

A domain name is your unique address on the Internet. Just as your street address defines where you live, your Internet address denotes where your online business is located. An example of a domain name is, whereby “www” stands for World Wide Web, “yourbusinessname” is your business or brand, and “.com” means that you are a business registered under the commercial category.

Domain name registration accounts hold the domain name server information. This is important access to have when you want to make changes to your web host. Why take a chance that this will get locked up and take often over a week to get control of again which will delay your project? It is typically best to house both your domain name management and your web hosting with one provider. This ensures your domain name will not lapse; which could allow it to get snatched up by someone ‘laying in wait’ and that any hosting changes can be made almost instantly.